Success is about focus, timing, precision, discipline, flexibility, improvisation and most importantly synergy. For 20 years this has been our company's approachand philosophy in the operational excellence of our ships.



The Synergy Group is a Cyprus-based ship owning and management business renowned for its excellence in running shipping investment portfolios for institutional investors and operating efficient and cost effective vessels. With a team boasting a combined 200+ years of experience, Synergy provides all aspects of strategic, commercial and technical management of crude and product tankers, containerships and bulk carriers through multiple market cycles.

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Synergy has been actively engaged in developing its oil trading / logistics activities with Knight Sterling. Since January 2019 activities have taken place in Nigeria, Mexico and China involving the buying, transportation and selling of crude oil and products with leading oil companies and shipping companies and refineries

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Synergy continues to successfully charter its vessels to premier and credit worthy liner companies at top rates.

Aeneas - 5,100 TEU ‘Panamax’ container ship

Q2 2018: The Aeneas was chartered to Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) at US $11,000 per day for a period of 151 days. Aggregate charter income was $1,6 millionfor the period.

Corcovado - 2,500 TEU ‘Self Discharging’ container ship

Q4 2017: The Corcovado was chartered to A.P. Moller - Maersk A/S of Denmark at US $8,250 per day for a period of 266 days. Aggregate charter income for the period was $2,2 million.

Q2 2018: The Corcovado was chartered in direct continuation to Maersk at US $11,925 per day. Aggregate charter income to date is $3,1 million.

Yang Ming Antwerp, Busan, Oakland, Keelung – 4,250 TEU ‘Panamax’ container ships successfully complete 10-year time charters to Yang Ming.

The Antwerp, Busan, Oakland successfully complete ten-year charters with Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation of Taiwan in Q4 2018 and Q1 2019. The Keelung is expected to complete its tenure in Q2 2019. Aggregate hire for all four vessels to completion is expected to be $356 million.

The fleet has been chartered to Synergy Marine Chartering Limited of Bermuda at rates ranging from US $8,500 per day to US $10,000 in direct continuation of the Yang Ming charters. Aggregate hire for all four vessels to completion is expected to be $7 million.

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The Synergy Group is involved in managing and conducting the Special Surveys of its own fleet of vessel. The table below shows the vessels over the recent past that have successfully completed their Special Survey. Over the last ten years or so we have conducted over twenty Special Surveys at various ports and jurisdictions around the world totalling over $22 million to date.

History of Vessel Special Surveys concluded

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